Hotel marketing: the 10 most frequent hotel errors in social networks

Social networks have become one of the main communication and information channels of hotels with the end customer.

However, it is common to see – due to ignorance or malpractice – that even today, some hotel establishments not only do not get the most out of them, but also continue making the same mistakes. If you are concerned about the proper management of your hotel marketing, take note of these recommendations …

Taking care of the company image is one of the maxims when managing social networks.

Also if yours is a hotel. We don´t only want to attract more clients, we also want to keep loyal those who already visited us and hence the importance of controlling what is communicated, how and where. Even today there are some hotels that do not launch a project in hotel marketing to attend the needs of their establishment in social networks. Although it seems incomprehensible, there are those who do not even have profiles on these public and free channels. Others manage them in a wrong way. We tell you what 10 mistakes to avoid in the management of hotels in social networks.

  1. Poor quality pictures. There is no doubt that we sell image on social networks. If your hotel does not have the budget to use photographic equipment that provides with a good database of images of each and every part of the hotel, use a quality mobile phone and use filters to improve them.
  2. Do not answer to the users. Users not only call or send an email to book at the hotel, they also ask about social networks. Do not dismay and miss these channels, you do not know where you can get new clients.
  3. The importance of having good manners. Even though Booking or Tripadvisor are the favorite channels for customers to congratulate our hotel and above all criticize something they didn´t like, they also use social networks. Answer them politely, try to talk to them after the message but never get into a fight. Your image is at stake.
  4. Contradictory information. Take special care of the information on your website with the information you post in social networks, this should always be the same. You don´t want the client to feel cheated.
  5. Cover and profile images. Choose quality cover and profile images for social networks, not only the company’s logo, but photographs that capture the essence of the image you want to convey to the public. Take care of your image

Los 10 errores de los hoteles en redes sociales
Los 10 errores de los hoteles en redes sociales
6. Update regularly. Having social networks in your hotel means updating them even once a day, but without abusing the “tele-sale” option. Try to show important information about your hotel, environment, activities… do not talk too much about prices.

7. Promotions. Social networks are a good channel to launch special promotions and even contests. Make campaigns in options like Facebook Ads to make more popular your establishment. Don´t forget!

8. Proximity with the environment. Do not talk just about how gorgeous your hotel is, but also about the wonders that tourists and clients can find in their surroundings. Inform about events in the town or municipality, and show yourself close and committed with your environment.

9. Capture videos. Upload videos to social networks, what about an overview of the rooms? The client will see exactly what they are like, and will force him to call and / or book. The big unknown of this is to discover how the hotel will be without having gone before and what he will find.

10. What social networks to choose. We recommend you to be in the three main social networks that can help you to manage your hotel marketing in this way: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Maybe also Linkedin to work your image. It is not necessary to have many more because you have the risk of not being able to attend them, letting them behind, and this is worse.