Reputation Managment "Content designed for social media should focus on the needs of the reader, the listener and the viewer"
Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger


Proper management of a social network’s reputation is essential to preserving and enhancing the image of a hotel creating a strong impact on sales and brand positioning.
What we do
Comments monitorizatioin.
Customized responses in accordance to the comments and hotel's property.
Index comparison, positivity vs competition.
We establish measurable goals, and supervise the correct implementation and execution.
Semantic analysis.
Ranking increase.
Customer Support.
Copy in more than 6 languages (ES, EN, FR, PT, DE, IT).
Directors and hotel owners use user ratings as a performance indicator, considered as the customer's first and last point of interaction.
Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Ranking impact

For each point a hotel improves on its score, its reserve probability increases by 14.2%.

The impact of opinion

For each new opinion that a hotel receives, the possibility of being selected by 0.2% is improved.


Our use of the best management tools and technical knowledge of the operation of each opinion portal allows us to optimize the operation and monitor in real time the activity related to the brand.
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