PR and social media, synergies in the Hotel Business.

PR and social media, synergies in the Hotel Business.

This statement is absolutely truth, “if you don´t use social media, you don´t exist.” For some companies this affirmation may be a little bit exaggerated. What is truth is that social networks have become an important element in any marketing strategy, also in the hotel sector. An essential complement regarding to Public Relations. Do you want to know why?

When it´s time to communicate the image of a Hotel, everything has to be perfect. Branding is at stake. Behind it, there must be a marketing team to deal with promoting, advertising and the creation of a community around the brand. According to this, in these days, social networks are a necessary tool and a perfect complement for Public Relations. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a major hotel with no social media.

Social media should not be seen as the secret for success. Because of social media, we are not going to keep a hotel at its maximum capacity, but we can attract leads that can be turned into clients, as well as being an excellent tool to know the opinion of our clients about our work as a hotel establishment. With social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram we can inspire but also gather opinions, complaints or suggestions that otherwise might pass unnoticed, with this information we can act accordingly. They also help us to make better advertising campaigns and to improve our offers, being able to choose the people we want to reach.

Social media as Public Relations of a hotel

The line between social media and Public Relations is narrow, even more than that. If both actions are distinguished, and even in different areas or with different persons in charge, both must always have to be on the same page. Why? We can say that social networks are like online Public Relations or e-Public Relations, which help to interact more effectively with the final customer and with the essence and the main reason of any business, mainly the hotel industry.

According to the latest statistics, most complaints from hotels are made through two online channels. On one side, pages like Booking or Tripadvisor become the perfect spot to share the traveler’s experience of the establishments visited. And on the other side, social media is the place where followers can share this opinions, this comments can´t be deleted by the hotels unless they enable this option, something that is not recommended.

The PR professional’s work in the hotel sector is to satisfy the traveler´s needs. Provide them all the possible help and be kind at all times, show the best of the hotel, the amenities and options that the hotel has, to make people enjoy their holidays. But they must deal with their complaints and problems. Deal with conflicts and find solutions in the best possible way. The same happens with the proper management of the social media, as well as the Public Relations area of the hotel. The guest is not just a number, or a follower. Being able to solve any incident on time is essential to make that the experience that our guests are going to post, be an excellent image for our brand.

Marketing Zentral combines experience of the traditional practice of Public Relations with the proper management and use of the social media, visualizing both as part of the same whole, promoting synergies between traditional communication, social communication and online reputation.