4 Metasearch management


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Integrating inventory management and hotel prices along with bidding gateway technology we manage the metasearch investment for independent hotels, small and large chains and other distributors
Our platform and management service comprehend:
  • Centralized management platform
  • Bids controlled via automatic algorithms and manual optimization managed by specialists
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Centralized Billing
  • Multiple Meta search engines in one place
  • Negotiated rates in cost per click (up to 10% less)
  • API implementation and Updates
  • Connectable from PMS, CRS or booking engines, covering the main metasearch markets (Tripadvisor, Kayak, GHPA, Trivago, wego, Google Hotel Finder)
API and Meta I/O Platform and campaign management
Connectable from PMS, CRS or booking engines, for the main meta search markets
Meta I/O is a tool that provides centralized budget control and meta search engine presence.
  • Offers: ROI Visibility Hotel and channel campaign vision. Global view of all campaigns.
Budget control
ROI advertising investment control, conversion rate at a granular level with the ability to control separate budgets for each platform
We combine an automatic auto bidding algorithm with a management service by our team.


Automatic algorithm based on three years of management experience that finds the optimal hotel bid based on ROI.

Management Service

The automatic bidding algorithm does not replace professional management and manual intervention of hotels to obtain better results.
Our methodology ensures the correct data interpretation and optimizes daily bids to maximize ROI

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