Minimize the impact of the transition to the new brand

Ensure a functional and autonomous trade infrastructure

Restructure the tariff structure

Renew relations with the intermediary channel

Replace the technological and direct sales infrastructure

Launch of the new brand in all areas


+ 13% YOY occupancy increase

6% in ADR increase

Reducing distribution costs -30%

Image Homogenization

Increase of +14 positions

on Tripadvisor

We develop the brand concept and take it to all areas of communication, defining an integrated marketing plan that combines strategic and tactical online and offline actions

March 2014

POS 52 de 267

October 2014

POS 38 de 284

With the latest technology, responsive design and content management



 Printed catalog redesign of Ocean by H10 brand and sub-brand like Perfect day (Weddings and celebrations).

Online catalog design of promotional packages differentiated by hotel and location.

Online catalog design wedding venues.

Newsletters and Banners for promotions.

Factsheets redesign.

Corporate personalization of mails, animated gif, signature, etc.