The keys of disruptive marketing in hotels

Be original. Surprise and innovate. And break with the established. This is what disruptive marketing seeks. How can we apply it to the hotel industry? As in everything, it is the final customer who rules. We’ll tell you the keys.

It is a fashionable term in the field of marketing. The term disruptive term is defined as which “produces abrupt rupture”. In other words, that which breaks with what we know, with that was previously established. And in hotels this is now more meaningful than ever.copia image

The customer looks for “other things”. New experiences and new services that surprise you. It seeks to meet your needs through concrete searches at specific times. The great advertising campaigns are fine, of course, and its power is indisputable, however, disruptive marketing goes a step further where impact advertising is brought back to an advertising that brings value and focuses more on the customer. In what the customer wants.

How to be a disruptive hotel?

Differentiating from competition, no doubt, is essential to achieve more reservations, better profits and greater impact among the public. Achieving a disruptive hotel is not easy, it involves a lot of work, meeting with disruptive hotel marketing specialists, being creative, sometimes a bit transgressive and risky and following acting lines like these.

The concept of unidirectional sale against massive offer changes to a concept of demand excess where the customer is the one who orders and not the hotel establishment that imposes its services. It is also important to integrate innovative processes in technology to promote usability and customer accessibility. Or what is the same to carry out a technological disruption inside the hotel but in a natural way and always looking for guest satisfaction.

Always take into account the opinion of this is important but this time also when designing new products and alternatives. Based on its experience to innovate and make it part of the processes of development or evaluation are processes increasingly integrated in the philosophy of many tourist companies. These should be tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Disruptive marketing goes through looking beyond the business itself. Or what is the same, that this one takes advantage of the synergies with other professionals to improve the experience of the visitor. For example: mobility companies, specialized tourist guides, tourist apps, augmented reality or new entertainment offers unthinkable until recently … being flexible with these companies and seeing them as “partners” and not as competition is vital.

Not only is technology.- It is about differentiating and surprising, strengthen the lateral thinking and leave the comfort zone. Sometimes have a corner to give away apples in the halls, a strategy of “disruptive prices” that includes unexpected benefits that add value to the reservation or sell experiences in gift boxes. It is the art of knowing how to cross concepts and products that differentiate us, surprise the customer and know how to find a meaning without losing the identity of our brand.

The data speaks for itself. There are emerging markets that should not be missed and hotels should know to customize to the maximum what to offer, how and Captura de pantalla 2017-09-20 a las 21.52.15when to the customer. Always and when considering the possibilities offered by their own establishments. Take advantage of specific market niches that for different issues are attractive to the hotel and customize the offer to the maximum. Successfully applying the ideas of disruptive marketing will help companies break out, differentiate and be more attractive than the competition. Integrating the “disruptive” concept into the marketing department of a hotel should be a constant.