MARKETING DIGITAL= CIENCIA “Increasingly, mass marketing is turning into a mass of niches."
(Chris Anderson, autor de The Long Tail).


The most popular online advertising format, capturing the existing demand of search engines, an essential component that if managed properly translates into direct bookings and investment savings.
  • Audit (Google Keyword Planner, Adobe SiteCatalyst & Search Center, Brightedge, Radian6)
  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Geolocation
  • SEO & SEM Synergies
  • Site extensions
  • Reporting
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SEO aims at increasing high-quality visitors and potential clients through search engines considering the following:
On site actions
    • Defining optimal navigation structure
    • Back end, outline codes, robot.txt, canonical urls, tags and more
    • Optimized pages 
    • Existing content optimization
    • Statistical codes Implementation
Off site actions

    • Provider and search engine links optimization
    • Creating high quality links
    • Eliminating harmful links
    • Creating SEO files

    • Monthly report and recommendations
    • Specific actions off and on site
    • Periodic calls with client
    • Monitoring developments in accordance with algorithm updates
In order to diagnose problems, identify opportunities and, mainly monitor the evolution of SEO results, the following reports will be generated and delivered to the customer every month:
Executive summary

Summary of main indicators of the SEO project, activities of the month, comments on the performance of the campaign and corrections, indexed pages.

Traffic Analysis

From the moment that the site improves its position in the organic results, traffic increases, therefore which search engines and what keywords are generating traffic and/or conversions is analyzed and reported.

Positioning Audit

According to the keywords selected as important, a periodic report of the positioning of the site appears in search engines; in this way the evolution of the position along the project is monitored.

Link Building Summary

Summary of Links Acquired: status of links acquired during the project.

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In the right hands and with the necessary experience, online media can be a powerful tool to bring customers to your website and generate income.

To achieve this, we develop powerful creativity and integrate it using the best media purchasing methodologies and campaign management tools, leading customers all the way to your site by using traditional media display, rich media, dynamic rate and retargeting systems.

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One of latest and fastest growing media
Integrating inventory management and hotel prices along with bidding gateway technology we manage the metasearch investment for independent hotels, small and large chains and other distributors
Our platform and management service comprehend:
  • Centralized management platform
  • Bids controlled via automatic algorithms and manual optimization managed by specialists
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Centralized Billing
  • Multiple Meta search engines in one place
  • Negotiated rates in cost per click (up to 10% less)
  • API implementation and Updates
  • Connectable from PMS, CRS or booking engines, covering the main metasearch markets (Tripadvisor, Kayak, GHPA, Trivago, wego, Google Hotel Finder)
API and Meta I/O Platform and campaign management
Connectable from PMS, CRS or booking engines, for the main meta search markets
Meta I/O is a tool that provides centralized budget control and meta search engine presence.
  • Offers: ROI Visibility Hotel and channel campaign vision. Global view of all campaigns.
Budget control
ROI advertising investment control, conversion rate at a granular level with the ability to control separate budgets for each platform
We combine an automatic auto bidding algorithm with a management service by our team.


Automatic algorithm based on three years of management experience that finds the optimal hotel bid based on ROI.

Management Service

The automatic bidding algorithm does not replace professional management and manual intervention of hotels to obtain better results.
Our methodology ensures the correct data interpretation and optimizes daily bids to maximize ROI

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Email Marketing is one of the actions with the highest rate of return, generating between 3% and 5% of total online sales in hospitality.

A seasonality plan and key dates are essential to achieving success as well as it is essential to have proper management of the customer database. Together with the client, we develop a schedule based on their areas of opportunity and sales targets, creating concepts that result in high opening rates, clicks ratio and conversions.


  • Platform and interface configuration
  • Tracking codes implementation
  • Database management
  • Campaign tuning
  • Personalization
  • Automation
  • Testing and Validation
  • Statistics and performance tracking
  • Sales recovery parameterization


Performance marketing, your success is our success

With 10-year experience generating business for more than 200 hotel and tourism companies, we offer a range of options aimed at enhancing risk-free online sales through a commission for acquisition from just one 12% per confirmed stay (checkout made and reservation validated by the hotel)



  1. No initial costs or fixed monthly payments, payment only for results

  2. Advertising, traffic and presence of brand for free in the main direct booking promotion channels

  3. Access to a global market  and visibility in countries with potential to book

  4. Real-time visibility of generated reservations and performance statistics through an exclusive customer panel

How does it work?

  1. Insertion of simple tracking codes on the web and booking engine, with support from our technical team.

  2. The campaign is promoted among the publishers, monitored by strict brand protection.

  3. The user clicks on the advertisement of the publisher for your company, access your website and make a reservation

  4. The reservation is registered as referred by one of our advertisers

  5. A commission is charged for completed stays (check out) excluding no-shows and cancellations



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