TELL YOUR STORY Humans are visual creatures. Content marketing is the art of communication and conveys an experience, reaching its maximum efficiency by integrating quality photo and video MULTIMEDIA


Content distribution for point of sale or transfer services in real time to screens, tablets, and smartphones
Content management
UPLOAD YOUR CONTENT TO THE CLOUD Through a user friendly web management environment, you can publish content in two easy steps. You can manage static ads, videos, animations and dedicated applications in an easy and comfortable way.
MANAGE YOUR BACKUPS In addition to having the automatic content backup option available, you have other management options, where you can set display date ranges, create and manage your campaigns, issuing order, and many more options for streamlining and managing your ads in a specific way creating specifications of content groups.
Content Integration Integrate screens, controlling the content of each one
Multiple metrics and automation options
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Per Ad General Performance Ratios
  • Temporary Ad Configuration
  • QR Codes
  • Display Points Assignment
  • Display Points Assignment
  • Real-time statistics
  • Private access for advertiser





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A good photo can represent the most important element of communication of a product, service or experience. Our expertise in the sector fully understands the needs of the hotel and highlights the differential values of service, product and environment.


Video stands out to sell your products and engage consumers better than any other medium, becoming an important tool to create awareness, increase exposure and generate incremental revenue. We prepare and disseminate impressive and inspiring digital content such as VISUAL STORYTELLING, COMPANY CLIPS, SPOTS and VIDEO STREAMING.


Hotels, casinos, theme parks but also special events or virtual roller-coaster trips could come to life to provide a better sense and impression of what the customer is buying. We offer a cutting-edge 3D experience to potential tourists. The experience features a virtual tour guide which can be viewed on a desktop video player at home, featuring virtual tour guides and providing a persuasive and interactive preview of the service and its surroundings.
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Virtual tours can become one of the most visited section of any website due to the great visual appeal and high level of interactivity. A virtual tour aims to significantly increase the stickyness of the page and consequently enhances the attraction and interest in the product.